Day 1 Porto to Vila do Conde (Jun 17)

DSC_0298As suggested I took metro to Mercado and walked from there. I did not know what to expect, could not see any arrows but assumed that it will be rather impossible to get lost if I keep the ocean to my left.

Fouled by nice weather and no hills in sight I decided to walk in sandals instead of boots.Strategic mistake. I had changedd them after an hour or so but the damage was already done-I have earned my first blisters.

I also walked barefoot and even in my shower flip flops when sand was getting on my nerves.

A German couple were the only pilgrims I have met today. It was a lovely walk and I didn’t mind walking solo.However I felt very lonely after I have arrived at the destination.It is no fun to eat on your own, no fun to have nobody to share what you have experienced with. One would have thought I should get used to it by now.


I paid 14 euros for a bed in shared room in Bellamar Hostal. There was nobody else in the dorm. Price included breakfast.

Had a lonely glass of wine, pasta with shrimps, coffee and chocolate cake in Cafe Auditorio (second cafe from the hostel) for 7.20

Notes to the editor (with a pinch of salt)

Second ramp will bring you directly to caravan park (Tom from Ohio, thank you for pointing this out too, as I started questioning my ability to count to 4)

Hospedaria O Manco D’Areia is now called Hostal Bellamar.Either way it is not adjacent to Villageois.


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