Day 2 Vila do Conde to Barcelos (Jun 18)


I was up early, had my brekkie and was ready for the day ahead. I wasn’t sure weather I should go to Acros or directly to Sao Pedro de Rates. Loosly following directions from the guide I got rather distracted by aqueducts and got lost before I even left the town. And then I’ve spotted the couple I’ve met yesterday and decided to simply follow them as I knew they were heading in the same direction.

They were walking way too fast for me but I had no idea where I was so I was trying to keep up with them. And I did till we arrived in the village where I have spotted a group of pilgrims. I chanced my arm, abandoned Germans and asked one of the girls (who conveniently for me were just about to stop for a coffee) if I could join them. They didn’t seem to mind so that was exactly what I did. And then we just kept walking together.DSC_0320

We have stopped for lunch at Antonio’s in Pedra Furada (as recommended by uncle John). Lunch was delicious indeed. It was Antonio who suggested we stayed in new albergue in Barcelos,opened on June 14

I finally started seeing the arrows (thanks Aline), they are mostly painted ones but you can find nice ‘official’ ones too.DSC_0316

It was a long day – 31.4km – but it didn’t feel like that at all to me. I suppose I was simply happy to have company.


Pilgrim’s menu @ Antonio’s costs 6 euros. We were kind of bullied into dessert (mousse,mousse,mousse!) which as it turned out later was not included (add 2.20). Food was delicious and there was so much of it that we were not able to finish it all (in fairness we had only left a piece of pork a size of half a five euro note but you could tell by the look that the lady serving the food gave us that she wasn’t happy).

Hostel Amigos da Montahna 5 euros per person, there is one room with 8 (I think) bunk beds, 3 toilets,3 showers, washing facilities, kitchen (heaven for IKEA fans) with hob and microwave, Wi-fi, all new and spanky. Make sure you arrive before 8 if you want to stay there – staff leaves at 8, you  can leave hostel thru the back door, password operated. Grocery shop is behind the corner.

DSC_0332 DSC_0329 DSC_0337


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