Day 3 Barcelos – Lugar do Corgo (Jun 19)

It didn’t take much to convince my new walking friends to stop at Casa Fernanda. I have read so many warm words about this place that I couldn’t possibly miss the opportunity to experience it myself.


We arrived in the early afternoon, welcomed by both Fernanda and Jacinto. We were told to rest, throw our washing into basked and come over for lunch when we are ready. Food was absolutely divine. We were fed a lot during our stay. Evening meal was as delisious, followed by entertainment from our host – they surely can sing and dance! For the first time in my life I had tried white port wine (never knew white version existed) and many other high voltage beverages. Great night sleep was guaranteed after such a feast:)

Our home at Casa Fernanda

Our home at Casa Fernanda

Bed for snorers;) - outside

Bed for snorers;) – outside

Breakfast was waiting for us and it was yet another feast.  Jacinto was in charge of breakfast (before he set of to work) and Fernanda joined us after a while.

Breakfest at Fernanda's

Breakfest at Fernanda’s


It is ultmiate pilgrims’ heaven. Fernanda and Jacinto are absolutely amazing hosts, opening their home and hearts to all pilgrims.

Fernanda and Jacinto

Fernanda and Jacinto




Ditch the guidebook. Seriously. Buy/print proper map – those in the guidbook are seriously out of scale. Just keep walking, Casa Fernanda is impossible to miss.

Casa Fernanda is donativo so you pay whatever you can afford. Nobody asked us for money, I just knew from reading other blogs that there is a tin. This experience is priceless, as it is impossible to set a price for human kindness and generosity. Open home, open hearts. There was six of us staying at Fernanda’s that night, 24 the day before. And I am certain that all pilgrims get warm welcome.


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