Day 4 Lugar do Corgo -Ponte de Lima (Jun 20)

DSC_0418       We were expecting an easy walk today (14.5km according to the schedule). And we were right. It was truly a walk in the park. Really enjoyable stroll.

We were all in awe to see this older woman carrying two logs of wood. I was trying to be discreet taking a photo. But some of us were not. And the lady showed them where they can kiss her not letting go of the wood she was carrying. This was even more impressive.


We have arrived in Ponte de Lima rather early. Decided to leave our backpacks at the albergue’s door (fellow pilgrims said they will keep an eye on them) and went to get some food. After huge breakfast at Fernanda’s all we wanted was salad and cheese. We went into rather dodgy looking bar, guys only kind of a place, where guys only were drinking wine from bowls. Much to a disappointment of the owner (apparently bar’s speciality was fish) we asked for salad, cheese and beer/ wine. Food and drink hot the spot. And we payed €11 for all (including drinks!) for 5 of us. Cheap as chips. And very tasty too!

DSC_0414 DSC_0413 DSC_0409

There was a festival in town that evening. Some kind of a bull chasing. It was rather daunting scene. One poor bull and way too many people around. There was also live music, roasted pig sandwiches, beer, cidra and hot dogs. And puking teenagers. We had to go back to the albergue (closes at 10 pm) but the town didn’t sleep that night. Neither did I. It was very noisy till 4am. And when we were leaving after 7am we met some people on their way home from the party.




Hostel is across the river. It is new, big and impersonal. But that’s ok. €6.


Showers are awkward, if you leave the window open you can wave to people in the shop downstairs, or other pilgrims sitting on the stairs or those hanging their washing on the balcony. And there is no partition of any kind, just open space sort of a shower. Not a big deal. Just weird.

Fruit in the kitchen are plastic. Not complaining, just saying.


Close the windows.They were left open in our room and it was freezing cold at night.

There are no shops on this side of the river so you might want to buy your groceries on the other side.

Cafe downstairs opens early (7ish I think).


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