Sleeping bag vs silk liner dilemma

I have to admit I have not heard about silk liners before I started preparing for Camino – it has been a while since I hit the road on my own last time. Anyway after googling for few days I decided to leave a sleeping bag at home and buy a silk liner.

I have paid ca £ 17 (including delivery) for a purple one from Spirits of Vietnam. I still don’t know if it is pure silk. Or organic. But when it arrived I was surprised by the size of it. And weight.

It weighs 100g.And takes hardly any space.

My first thought was how on earth is this thing going to keep me warm? But then I figured I’m going on a summer Camino, it gets really hot in Portugal and Spain in June and it will probably be very warm in the albergues anyway.

Out of 11 nights I was a bit cold on 3. First time in Ponte de Lima where all the windows in our dormitory were left open (never dawned on me to close them!), second time in Albergue the Mos (it was a cold night)and last time in Herbon. But it was enough to put some clothes on (leggins and fleece in my case) and I was nice and warm again. If I had known I will get cold I would have asked for blanket or additional sheet. I didn’t but still it wasn’t a big deal at all.

I was really happy with the choice. My silk liner has sort of an ‘integrated’ pillowcase which meant I could use pillows provided in some albergues. It has a nice silky feel and most of all it is extremly light – I’m sure I would have not noticed if I had left it behind!


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