Day 6 Quinta Estrada Romano – Albergue de Mos (Jun 22)

After yesterday I knew my feet were not going to fall off. This was of little consolation to me as they did hurt like hell. Swelling didn’t go down overnight which was not a good sign. We had run out of anti inflammatory cream, I was worried we won’t find an open pharmacy (Sunday!) but we did. I bought a tube of voltarol and used some straight away. I swear it helped. No miracles, swelling didn’t disappear but pain has eased so I could keep walking.

I was sad to leave Portugal. I have only just started getting used to it. I have only just started getting hang of obrigados and bom dias. I was truly upset. And annoyed. As a result very few photos from Valenca or Tui (very picturesque towns mind it). None from the bridge.

As soon as we crossed the border I was hit by how commercialized Camino is on this last 100km plus stretch. There were arrows everywhere, Camino km marks every few km (I don’t remember seeing one in Portugal), loads of bars/ cafes had a mark on the window saying ‘we have a stamp here’.

I didn’t care about stamps and certainly didn’t like this ‘in my face’ camino version. If I am ever crazy enough to do it again I will probably finish 100km before Santiago. It was painful. Both mentally and physically. There is a new track near Porrino (so that you don’t have to walk all the way through the industrial estate) but then it is just busy roads and town.

We have arrived in Porrino very late. One of the pack was unable to walk any further. I would have walked if I had to but decided to be sensible. We decided to take a taxi – two from the gang decided to walk.

When we arrived in Mos it turned out that there were 5 beds left – enough for us. And that albergue in Porrino (50 places!) was full – two girls we met before were sent from there.

We had just about enough energy to shower, have dinner in the restaurant opposite the albergue and go to sleep.

Hardest day so far.


There are two pharmacies in Valenca, on Sundays one of them is always open – locals have a calendar that shows which one is open when. One of the pharmacies is located very close to bus station (or some kind of bus parking?) on the entrance to the town. Learn from my mistake and ask first thing – otherwise you will have to trot back as I did.

Taxi from Porrino to Albergue de Mos was €6.Bargain for dying feet.

Albergue de Mos €6. I read somewhere it was renovated early this year, well… Maybe it was tiredness that blurred my perception. Bathrooms were quite nasty, beds very wobbly. Wouldn’t give them 5 stars.

Pilgrim’s menu for €8 (soup, main, dessert and wine).


 Scarecrow DSC_0537 DSC_0538 DSC_0541 DSC_0543 DSC_0548 DSC_0549 DSC_0553 DSC_0556


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