Poncho vs rain jacket/backpack cover dilemma

It was no brainer for me. I own a very good but rather heavy rain jacket.I get annoyed when I am too warm. And most of all I am lazy – hate even the thought of stopping to take off my backpack, to pull out jacket, to put it on, put the backpack on, only to do it all over again 5 mins later. And since I live in Ireland I am quite water resistant, hardly consider it a rain when it is not horizontal.

So I figured I will chance a poncho.I bought it ages ago and never really tried while trekking. But it worked a treat.It proved to be shower proof. It is long so covered me well down to my knees. It is very light, packs up nicely in the pocket. And most of all when it stops raining I can just shovel it over my head and let it dry without stopping, taking my backpack off etc. It was a perfect choice for my summer Camino.

I will invest in a good, light jacket next time round (if I decide to walk Camino in spring or autumn). But this time round poncho was spot on.


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