Day 7 Albergue de Mos – Pontevedra (Jun 23) Part 1

Night was too short. Alarm went off too early. No coffee to kick start the day.DSC_0558

We started walking, slowly, up,up and more up.


We got to the top and started going down. Still no coffee mind it. And then the smell hit us. Bakery! Now if you ask me where it was I won’t be able to tell. On your right is all I can remember. But hey it smells so good that you will not hesitate to stop there (unless you are Aline and Marcie that is).

So we did – we bought some amazing and huge pastries and waited there for two others from our pack.


They did not have proper coffee in this place but you could get cappucino/americano etc from vending machine, it was 50c each. Many pilgrims passed but there was no sign of our friends. I was sure they would have stopped seeing this place. We kept asking everybody (I especially liked when Dawn asked one guy that stayed in the same albergue: ‘Hey, do you remember that girl that slept on top of you last night?’ )but nobody have seen them. So we gathered they must have passed somehow.

We stopped in the first WiFi cafe in Redondela and it turned out that  girls were here 30mins ago or so and they will meet us in Arcade (they were thinking we were ahead of them). We had our coffee (absolutely delicious – cafe on the corner, opposite the square with albergue). As I was savouring my cafe con leche I watched in amazement queue of backpacks forming in front of the albergue. It was 10:30 in the morning! Maybe I was just jealous – we had nearly 20km more to go…

Anyway we kept walking. Stopped in Arcade for a bite to eat – and we weregiven two tuna slices on top of our order in Cafe Flora.

My ankles were very sore again. And it made me upset. And the fact we didn’t catch Aline (as she was probably going to catch us thinking we were ahead) so she was most likely walking alone. I do not know why I get upset in lovely places. Arcade was pretty, some great shots to be taken. Only that I was not in mood to take my camera out so just stormed out of this place. Hopefully next time I’m around (will I ever thou?) I’ll take some photos.

We walked, and walked, and walked. And finally we got to Pontevedra where we were reunited with our friends. I will leave Pontevedra albergue for another post (expect serious ranting!). We went out for meal to this rather dodgy looking place (because it was nearby and we were starving). We were nicely surprised. Pilgrim’s menu for €9 a meal with wine and dessert (Tarta de Santiago). And we were served orujo (Spanish version of Baileys)  on the house. All in all great experience.

(and I wished I knew more Spanish to understand what the owner was saying sigh).

We Untitled



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