Day 8 Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis (Jun 24)

I left Pontevedra behind, walking at the speed of lighting. I was upset. I think reality has started to sink in. My camino will be over in 3 days. And i don’t want it to be.

Camino life is simple – you get up, walk, rest, walk, rest,shower, eat, sleep, get up… I feel like I could just keep walking. I really don’t want to go back to my own life.

Today’s walk was rather dull for me, spirit was low.

Not only arrows point you in right direction...

Not only arrows point you in right direction…


Even cabbage was exhausted

Even cabbage was exhausted


We have arrived in Caldas de Reis, checked in, showered and went looking for food. We have treated our feet to a deep in a hot spring.

Real treat for the feet!

Real treat for the feet!

Notes to the editor

You are no longer allowed to rest your feet in the fountain as showed on the photo in the guide.Apparently it was giving this guy a headache.


After a meal and a rest we decided to go for a stroll. And more food. And pub crawl Caldas de Reis style.

DSC_0614 DSC_0615

As it happened there was a festival in town that evening, with live music and dancing on the square. We have joined the festivities and even performed some free style line dancing with the locals (who were probably not too impressed by the free style bit;).

Free style line dancing

Free style line dancing

This was exactly what I needed, it made my day! And with no curfew we stayed till the very end. Definitely a night to remember.


We have stayed in Albergue o Cruceiro, €10. Fresh clean sheets and comfy pillows. Washing machine available @ €2 per load.


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