Fifty bulbs

Autumn has truly arrived. Heavens opened yesterday and it poured. And poured.And poured.

But today it was most glorious day! Lovely sunshine and not a drop of rain. Real treat especially for a Saturday. I made sure we made the most of it. We had most enjoyable trip to Barlath Woods first and kids enjoyed playing in the garden in the afternoon while I was busy tidying up.

We have planted 50 daffodil  bulbs, A and B were only delighted to give me a hand. It will be such a joy to see them springing in the spring. It will be my tenth spring on Irish soil! I will never forget how charmed I was by all the daffodils smiling at me when I first arrived in Ireland nearly ten years ago.

I like to plan. And I like to have something to look forward to. Few more months and I should be able to post a photo of my pretty daffodils. Maybe I should buy and plant few more…

DSC_6774 DSC_6825 DSC_6828 DSC_6830 DSC_6835


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